Monday, May 23, 2011

The White Stag (1938)

Written and illustrated by Kate Seredy, The White Stag recounts the movement of the Huns and Magyars from Asia across Europe.  Although not in the "fiction" section of the library, the author definitely makes it her own.  In the forward, she states, "Those who want to hear the voice of pagan gods in wind and thunder, who want to see fairies dance in the moonlight, who can believe that faith can move mountains, can follow the thread on the pages of this book.  It is a fragile thread; it cannot bear the weight of facts and dates."  That is indeed the essence of the book as the Huns are led from place to place by a magical white stag, told by their gods of leaders and men to lead them in battle, and led to a final valley of peace and plenty.  Those who lost the vision and faith in the future success of the people are punished by the gods.  Battle is glorified.

There were times of softness, as when Bendeguz and Alleeta fall in love in the moonlight, and his despair at her death.  I loved the illustrations and thought they added depth to the book.

Seredy, Kate. The White Stag. The Viking Press, 94.

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  1. Hi Linda, I LOVE reading your book reviews. You are a very gifted writer and I love searching the library for these books too. Thank You for sharing. Love, Robynn