Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ginger Pye (1952)

Jerry Pye decided to buy a puppy.  He chose the smartest one in the litter.  Now all he needed was a dollar, and he needed it fast, before it was sold to someone else who had their eye on the same puppy.  Jerry and his sister, Rachel, earned the dollar by dusting the pews in the church.  Their Uncle Benny helped.  Uncle Benny's claim to fame is that he is 3 years old and is the uncle of Jerry and Rachel, who are 10 and 9. On the way home from buying him, Jerry and Rachel heard mysterious footsteps following them, but never saw who was there.  And later they noticed someone in a yellow hat looking furtively through the fence.

They named the dog Ginger Pye, and they loved this dog!!  He is cute and smart and nice.  As an example of how smart he is, when Jerry went to school one day, Ginger decided to find out where he was instead of staying home all lonely.  He tracked his scent, found the pencil Jerry lost on the way, and even climbed the fire escape to get to Jerry's classroom, and deliver the pencil.  They have some good times at the reservoir, etc.  But then something terrible happens. 

On Thanksgiving Day, Ginger Pye went missing.  They searched all over for him.  Over the next days and weeks, they enlisted the help of their friends.  Never a trace of him was found.  Everywhere Jerry and Rachel went now they looked for Ginger.  They talked to the police chief about the "unsavory character," as they called the mysterious person in the yellow hat.

Finally, on the 29th of May, Jerry's birthday, the mystery was solved.  Read and find out how.  :)

I enjoyed reading Ginger Pye. One of the interesting things about it were the tangents the author often took on her way through the story.  At first they kind of annoyed me, I wanted her to get on with the story, but they kind of grew on me.

Estes, Eleanor. Ginger Pye.  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1951

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